Professional Disabled Drivers Assistance & Vehicle Modifications

Auto Assist, Inc. in College Park, Maryland, provides mobility solutions and disabled drivers assistance through customized vehicle modifications for the handicapped. We are equipment suppliers who rely on occupational therapy specialists to help the disabled retain their access to the open road.

Changing Industry

Gone are the days of one-of-a-kind custom mods, and you no longer see cut-off roofs, lowered floors, or raised doors. Traditional wheelchair
lifts are a thing of the past as well. Expanded motor vehicle safety standards dictate a more thorough safety-tested product along with
quality installation.

Evolving Standards

Mandated crash testing to meet stringent regulations has all but eliminated the small shop era.

This consolidation has resulted in a limited number of manufacturers, and the industry is now controlled by Braun™, VMI™, and El Dorado™. The rise of the internet spurned direct sellers like Rollex™ and AMS™, both of which are companies offering what many see as sub-standard products. This means it is essential to understand who you are dealing with for your vehicle modifications.

Professional Evaluation

The questions of who should or should not drive and what type of adaptive equipment is appropriate to foster safe driving are answered by a designated specialist. The only reasonable answer comes from a professional driver evaluator referred to as a CDRS.

Certified Specialists

The Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist is the designation of an occupational therapy specialist who provides this level of diagnosis and training. As equipment suppliers and installers, we rely on this trained professional to prescribe the most effective solutions.

Quality Assurance

Our company features an ASE Master Mechanic and certified mobility consultant. We are small enough to make sure everything is personal, and we handle all issues from beginning to end. This includes contact with the customers, installing the equipment, and even all the paperwork needed with the service.

Contact us for vehicle modifications and disabled drivers assistance that keep handicapped people mobile.