About Our Mobility Modifications Specialists

Auto Assist, Inc. in College Park, Maryland, is staffed by a team of mobility modifications specialists who work to keep deserving drivers on the road through quality equipment installation. Our founder began this business after a childhood filled with experience with cars.

Early Origins

From an early age, I was fascinated by mechanical things and what makes them tick. As a young kid (maybe four years old) I had a push-pedal Jeep™ and dad told me I would jack it up, get underneath, and “check the mains.” Honestly I don’t remember that, but Dad did.

Growing Experience

I do recall moving on to souped-up bicycles, soap box derby racers, hot rods of various makes and models, stock cars, and airplanes. Collectively, they served as an incubator for the business that was eventually to come. Despite the bruised fingers and dirty hands, I must have learned something along the way.

Essential Tools

I also acquired a large collection of tools and equipment that found their way to our mobility shop that is known today as Auto Assist, Inc.
I use those skills learned through years of experience to assist those who have special needs and require our services to stay independent
and mobile.

Business Beginnings

We established our business in 1983 to provide adaptive equipment for drivers and passengers. At first, it seemed simple, and now looking back, it’s almost laughable. Your age will tell on you if you remember when the high/low beams were controlled with a foot switch. This worked for just about everybody with the exception of someone without a left leg.

Original Project

That was our first job, installing a relay with a dash-mounted switch placed near the turn signal lever. This did the trick, and it was a priceless learning experience for me. Living in a rural area, this primitive device made night driving possible with improved safety. Customer number one was more than pleased, but the more memorable part in my mind was the eye-opening experience and the pride and self-satisfaction I received from providing a practical solution for this problem.

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